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The demand for portable (solar) power products continues unabated as we enter a new year. With no end to Eskom load shedding, the demand for alternative and viable energy solutions remains.  At the Sungrid Group (In2Brands), we are proud that the products available in our ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ range continue to provide South African consumers with a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable option.

Available online through either Takealot or Kalahari, in addition to selected Sportsman’s Warehouse outlets, the end of February will see the countrywide roll out of an extended product range (Ecoboxx 50, 90, 160DC and 160DC plus) across no fewer than 40 Makro stores.

“Portable (solar) power is the way forward,” says Ryan Steytler, Director, The Sungrid Group (In2Brands). “With no end to our country’s energy crisis, consumers everywhere are looking for a solution that will put the power back in their own hands, allowing for more sustainable and productive lives across both business and recreational.”

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PORTABLE (SOLAR) POWER VS. DIESEL GENERATORS – Which is the better option?

With the constant threat of power outages and load shedding, South Africans are increasingly turning to alternative forms of energy to both ‘power’ and in that, empower themselves, their businesses and households. Whilst to the average citizen, the use of generators might at face value appear viable, further investigation clearly indicates that it is perhaps far from ideal.

“Generators are both noisy and harmful to the environment,” says Ryan Steytler, energy expert and Director, The Sungrid Group (In2Brands). In addition, the cost associated to ensure a power supply adequate for even the most average requirements, places it out of range of the average consumer.”

“It is also not as simple as ‘plug-and-play’,” continues Steytler. When making use of your generator during power outages, in order to ensure no harm occurs when Eskom reconnects the power, one requires what is known as a bypass switch. “This needs to be installed by a qualified electrician, adding yet more costs to the average household.” Alternatively, the household items running off the generator can be ‘islanded’ (disconnected from the mainboard) via an extension cord. Whilst this would negate the need for a qualified electrician, the downside is that only smaller appliances are able to be connected, with no access to power for any heavier requirements.

Portable (solar) power, on the other hand, is already providing thousands of South Africans with a safe, cost-effective, reliable and renewable source of power. A viable, and increasingly preferred, alternative to the use of generators, portable (solar) power is placing ‘power’ back in the hands of the people when it is needed most.

On the back of last year’s ‘Switch to Portable Solar Campaign’, which saw The Sungrid Group focus on providing the country with friendly alternative energy solutions, this year sees the launch of an extended product range. Solsave, a full product suite covering smaller and heavier portable devices, also offers off-grid power solutions. Ranging from 1000 – 3000 Watt, complete with adjustable battery pack, rack and pay-as-you-go monitoring systems, Solsave is fast becoming the ideal energy solution across home, office, outdoor and emergency use.

“We listened to the marketplace and its need for additional portable products catering to both smaller and heavier power requirements, with both on- and off-grid capability,” says Steytler. “We are confident that the new Solsave range, together with our Ecoboxx, WakaWaka and LuminAID product offerings, is more than capable of providing South Africa with reliable, safe, renewable and cost-effective energy solutions across any and all power requirements and preference. Not only with regards to Eskom load shedding, but similarly when it comes to the use of generators as a potential option.”



Two of South Africa’s greatest cricket heroes, Jacque Kallis and Dale Steyn, have pledged their support for the In2Brands’ ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign.

By harnessing the sun’s energy, ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ offers innovative, safe and effective plug-and-play portable power solutions.  Capable of addressing any and all power requirements, the very real opportunity exists to bring power to Africa and to empower its people through the provision of low cost power solutions.

“It’s a harsh reality that as many as 10 million South Africans are not connected to any form of electricity,” says Kallis.  “Together with the constant fear of Eskom power cuts and load shedding affecting business and communities alike, portable solar power brings with it the promise of eradicating energy poverty and providing a better quality of life for all,” he continues.

The Kallis and Steyn endorsement will see both personalities involved in raising awareness for and promoting the benefits of portable solar power across business, lifestyle and community initiatives.

“Life as we know it cannot survive and flourish without access to sustainable power,” says Steyn.  “We are excited and proud to be involved in an initiative which seeks to eradicate this shortfall across not only South Africa, but the greater African continent as well.”



ACDC Dynamics was founded in 1984 and is a market leader in the manufacture, import and distribution of quality products in the electrical, lighting, solar power, pumps, alarm, security and surveillance systems and tools industries. Our product ranges include some of the premium international brands in low voltage switchgear, power tools, enclosures, solar and renewable energy offerings and accessories. We offer power factor correction solutions, PV Design and implementation, Energy audits, management reporting, power monitoring and support services.

With a belief in solar power as the natural way forward, and in particular the potential for portable solar power, joining forces with the ‘Switch to Portable Solar Power’ campaign was a natural extension to ACDC ‘s portfolio of products. Their agreement with ln2Brands makes ACDC the first South African retailer to market the EcoBoxx product range throughout South Africa.

“The EcoBoxx offers a wide variety of solutions for every requirement and is perfect for both home and small business use,” says, Charles Woods, Managing member, ACDC Green Energy Solutions. And with very positive national sales figures thus far, ACDC are currently extending their agreement with ln2Brands to include representation for both the WakaWaka Power and WakaWaka Light product ranges as well.