An Ecoboxx is the ideal camping companion. It's a portable source of both light and power, meaning you'll never be left in the dark, or without a working cell phone! Ecoboxx allows you to camp in style, but without any harm to the environment - and you choose the number of mod cons you need, while still "getting away from it all."

Have a power supply for any number of appliances such as:

  • Phone, iPod, laptop or small fridge
  • Have 2 x 3 watt lights
  • Connect a USB fan
  • Connect a DC fridge
  • Connect a TV

It's also perfect for those unforeseen emergencies and small enough to store in your tent. It also doesn't take up unnecessary space in your car boot, caravan or trailer.


View our grid below to match the right Ecoboxx with your individual specifications.