We all know the frustrations associated with load shedding and the general expense of on-the-grid electricity. With Ecoboxx, you not only help the environment, you help yourself too. Our range allows you to choose a model that can power your television and/or laptop, your cellphone, iPad or iPod with ease

As your studying companion, Ecoboxx can:

  • Run a laptop or small desktop computer.
  • Charge mobile phones or your ipad anytime.
  • Stay connected to the internet during power cuts.
  • Ensure that your modem or router always has power.
  • Light up your office during load-shedding, or during the evening.

Certain models can also power a small fridge or sound system, or power a fan to keep one cool on sweltering summer days, or heaters on chilly ones. Now there's no need to be left uncomfortable, in the dark (and with nothing to do, or with no way to keep the drinks cold. We've got that covered!


View our grid below to match the right Ecoboxx with your individual specifications.