So why go the solar route?

Well, the answer is simple: Once you’ve paid your initial set up costs, your source of energy is completely free!

So unlike expensive and unreliable Eskom supplied electricity and noisy, fume-creating diesel and petrol generators that guzzle fuel, the solar option provides clean, reliable energy over the long term at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

That’s what we call a no brainer.

With the constant threat of power outages and load shedding, South Africans are increasingly turning to alternative forms of energy to both ‘power’ (as in, provide it) and empower themselves, their businesses and households. Whilst to the average citizen, the use of generators might at face value appear the most practical option, further investigation clearly indicates that they are far from ideal.

Generators are both noisy and harmful to the environment due to their emissions. In addition, the cost associated with ensuring a constant and adequate power supply (for even the most basic requirements), places them out of the financial range of average consumers.

It is also not as simple as ‘plug-and-play’. When making use of your generator during power outages, in order to ensure no harm occurs to your appliances once Eskom reconnects the power, one requires something known as a 'bypass switch.' This needs to be installed by a qualified electrician, adding yet more costs to the average household. Alternatively, the household items running off the generator can be ‘islanded’ (disconnected from the mains board) via an extension cord. Whilst this would negate the need for a qualified electrician, the downside is that only smaller appliances would be able to be connected, with no access to power for any heavier requirements.

There is a market need for additional portable products catering to both smaller and heavier power requirements with both on- and off-grid capability. Ecoboxx products are more than capable of providing South Africa with reliable, safe, renewable and cost-effective energy solutions across any and all power requirements and preference. Not only with regards to Eskom load shedding, but similarly when it comes to the use of generators as a potential option.